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BMP Font Creator
  • Create bitmapped font ready to use in your engine in few clicks
  • Vast input font format support powered by FreeType2
  • Lightweigth GUI built through FLTK
  • Fully cross-platform: generate your font on Win, Mac or Linux and use it on Win, Mac or Linux

BMP Font Library
  • No dependency from external font libraries (only libpng and OpenGL)
  • Lightweight C library (only 8KB)
  • Use your font in just 4 lines of code
#include <bfont.h>
static bfont font;

void main(int argc, char **argv);
 int left = 10//String position
 int top = 40//String position
 font = bfload("my_font.bff");
 //Setup GL
 //go 2D (glOrtho)
 bfprintf(font,BMPFONT_ALIGN_LEFT,           left,top,"Hello World !");
 //Swap Buffers


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