FormulaNext City Graphics Revamp

I am happy to announce a big revamp on FormulaNext Graphics. Now each city has its own setting!

FormulaNext revamp Making Of 1

FormulaNext Revamp Making Of 2

FormulaNext Revamp

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FormulaNext playable with Gamepad!

Working on Gamepad integration in FormulaNext! Stay tuned!

FormulaNext Gamepad

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FromulaNext Trailer

In the last days I focused on the creation of a better trailer! Here are some screenshots:

Trailer Screenshot 1 Trailòer Screenshot 2 Trailer Making Of


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New FormulaNext Launcher

FormulaNext Launcher image updated!

FormulaNext Launcher

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jul 18 2015 12:55 - FormulaNext

FormulaNext Gameserver

Working at the serverside part of FormulaNext!


SparkLightGames Gameserver FormulaNext Crossplatform

Play with your friends form Windows, Linux and Mac!

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 Working on a lightweight and easy-to-use UML-inspired tool with code generation able to visualize a complex project on a single page. Unlike other tools (StarUML, RationalRose, ArgoUML, BoUML, ...), we focus on programmer's needs despite of the correctness of the UML notation.


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FormulaNext Medal System

Happy to announce the new FormulaNext Medal System!


Formula Medal System


You can now gain Gold, Silver and Bronze medals on each track!


Medal Notification


Immediately aftyer completing a lap, you are also notified in game about your position in the track you are racing on and about the medal you won.

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jun 13 2015 18:15 - FormulaNext

Doppler effect

SparkSound, the new audio engine, now has built-in support for Doppler Effect!

Amazing enhancement for FormulaNext!

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jun 07 2015 22:50 - FormulaNext SparkSound

FormulaNext Launcher

FormulaNext is now equipped with a lightweight launcher:


FormulaNext Launcher



  • Multimonitor support
  • Resolution chooser, both fullscreen or windowed
  • Antialiasing control up to 16x

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jun 02 2015 11:09 - FormulaNext

FormulaNext Easy tracks faster!

Faster easy tracks now in FormulaNext!

FormulaNext Smoothed Corners

Smoothed down corners on FormulaNext's easy tracks. Corner now become sharper with increasing difficulty level, giving faster tracks on low difficulty levels and more technical tracks on higher levels.

posted by SparkLightGames @ May 27 2015 01:13 - FormulaNext