FormulaNext City Graphics Revamp

After a long period of work, we are happy to announce a big revamp on FormulaNext Graphics. Now each city has its own setting!

FormulaNext revamp Making Of 1

FormulaNext Revamp Making Of 2

FormulaNext Revamp

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FormulaNext launched on Steam

We just lunched our first game, FormulaNext, on Steam!

Check out the Steam page!


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FormulaNext playable with Gamepad!

We are working on Gamepad integration in FormulaNext! Stay tuned!

FormulaNext Gamepad

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FormulaNext on Steam Greenlight!

FormulaNext is now on Steam Greenlight: suport us voting "Yes"!


Steam Greenlight Page!


Go to Steam Greenlight Page !


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Preparing FromulaNext for GreenLight

We are about to start a greenlight campaign for our first game FormulaNext! In the last days we focused on the creation of a better trailer and we are promoting it on our social channels! Here are some screenshots:

Trailer Screenshot 1 Trailòer Screenshot 2 Trailer Making Of

Stay tuned for the Greenligh campaign starting in a few days!

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New FormulaNext Launcher

FormulaNext Launcher image updated!

FormulaNext Launcher

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FormulaNext Gameserver

We are working hard at the serverside part of FormulaNext!


SparkLightGames Gameserver FormulaNext Crossplatform

Play with your friends form Windows, Linux and Mac!

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Indie developers are typically arranged in small teams with limited resources. Nevertheless, they rely on innovation and originality, beeing able to compete with AAA titles on the stores. But what if a small team can face the complexity of an AAA game?



We are working on an advanced, lightweight and easy-to-use UML-inspired tool with code generation able to visualize a complex project on a single page. Unlike other tools (StarUML, RationalRose, ArgoUML, BoUML, ...), we focus on programmer's needs despite of the correctness of the UML notation.

Let us know what do you think on our Twitter, Facebook or Google+ pages.

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FormulaNext Medal System

We are happy to announce the new FormulaNext Medal System!


Formula Medal System


You can now gain Gold, Silver and Bronze medals on each track!


Medal Notification


Immediately aftyer completing a lap, you are also notified in game about your position in the track you are racing on and about the medal you won.

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jun 13 2015 18:15 - FormulaNext

Doppler effect

SparkSound, our audio engine, now has built-in support for Doppler Effect!

Amazing enhancement for FormulaNext!

posted by SparkLightGames @ Jun 07 2015 22:50 - FormulaNext SparkSound